Deepfake of U.S. Official Appears After Shift on Ukraine Attacks in Russia

A day after U.S. officials said Ukraine could use American weapons in limited strikes inside Russia, a deepfake video of a U.S. spokesman discussing the policy appeared online. The fabricated video, which is drawn from actual footage, shows the State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, seeming to suggest that the Russian city of Belgorod, just 25 … Read more

Six Injured in Stabbing in Germany

A man wielding a knife was shot by the police on Friday after he stabbed six people, including a police officer, in the western German city of Mannheim. The officer who was stabbed is in grave condition, according to the public attorney’s office in Karlsruhe. Another of the victims was Michael Stürzenberger, a political activist … Read more

Bracing for Start of Trial in Gun Case, Hunter Biden Is Squeezed for Money

Over the past turbulent decade, through myriad self-inflicted troubles, Hunter Biden has relied on the kindness of friends and family — wives and girlfriends, business partners, his father and, most recently, a Los Angeles lawyer who provided the president’s son a $7 million lifeline. But now that lawyer, Kevin Morris, who has played many parts … Read more

Birubala Rabha, Who Fought Against Witch Hunting in India, Dies at 75

The victims of witch hunts face gruesome punishments, according to “Contemporary Practices of Witch Hunting,” a 2015 report by the Indian legal nonprofit Partners for Law in Development. They can be subjected to “forcible stripping,” the report said, “being paraded naked in public, cutting or tonsuring of the hair, blackening of the face, cutting off … Read more