Akron Shooting Leaves 1 Dead and 24 Wounded, Police Say

Two dozen people were wounded and one person was killed in a shooting in Akron, Ohio, that happened overnight, officials said on Sunday.

The Akron Police Department received several 911 calls about gunfire near Kelly and 8th Avenues just after midnight, according to a statement from the police and the Akron mayor’s office.

All 25 victims were wounded by gunfire, the statement said. Officials did not provide information about potential suspects or describe the setting where the shooting took place.

At least two of those injured were in critical condition, according to hospital officials.

Mayor Shammas Malik of Akron, and the police chief, Brian Harding, said in the statement that the city was “reeling” from the shooting.

“With more than two dozen victims, the pain and trauma reverberates across all of Akron today as we search for answers,” they said.

They asked witnesses to come forward with information. “We will bring those responsible to justice, and we need the help of our community to do that,” they said.

City officials did not provide more information about the injuries or identify the person who died.

Seven patients had been admitted to Cleveland Clinic Akron General early on Sunday with gunshot wounds, including one patient in critical condition, said Beth Hertz, a hospital spokeswoman.

Michael Bernstein, a spokesman for Summa Health, a hospital system in Akron, said it received 15 patients, including 13 people who had injuries that were not life-threatening. Several of the patients had been discharged or were being discharged, he said.

“One patient is in critical condition and one was deceased on arrival,” Mr. Bernstein said. “Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

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