Arrested Mohave County juvenile admits receiving dare to post school threat online

Juvenile reveals he had no intentions to blow up school in Mohave County. — Pexels
Juvenile reveals he had no intentions to blow up school in Mohave County. — Pexels

A juvenile was arrested earlier this week by authorities in Mohave County after he admitted to deputies that a friend dared him to make a social media post saying he was going to “shoot up the school”, St George News reported.

According to a news release from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, the juvenile also revealed that he had no intentions of committing the act.

The new release added that the juvenile was detained in the Mohave County Juvenile Detention Facility for making a class 3 terrorist threat and, despite the threat appearing to be an isolated incident, additional security measures and law enforcement presence were scheduled for area schools.

“The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office takes a zero-tolerance stance towards any person that makes a threat towards our schools or the disruption of an educational institution,” the news release said.

This follows a series of similar incidents that have transpired in Southern Utah, but turned out to be hoaxes or “swatting” incidents.

Earlier this month, Snow Canyon Middle and Snow Canyon High were declared secure after an email received by the Washington County School District from someone suggesting a bomb threat to the high school turned out to be a hoax.

Before that, the Hurricane Police Department received two separate calls reporting there was an active shooter inside Hurricane High School.

However, the school only had a handful of students and staff since it was a teacher prep day, and the threats were not credible.

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