Donald Trump appears to doze off during hush money trial

(Former president Donald Trump. — AFP File)
(Former president Donald Trump. — AFP File)

It is not every day you see a former president snoozing through his own trial. But that is exactly what seems to have happened in New York as former president Donald Trump faced the legal heat.

Donald Trump, the former president, is currently on trial in New York, facing 34 felony counts related to hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. The trial, which is historic as it’s the first-ever criminal trial of a sitting or former president, began with jury selection on Monday. However, Trump seemed less interested in the proceedings than the rest of the world.

As jury selection kicked off in his unprecedented criminal trial, where he faced a hefty 34 felony counts, including accusations of fiddling with business records to hush up payments to Stormy Daniels, eyes were glued to the courtroom drama.

However, while everyone else was on the edge of their seats, Trump appeared to be fighting a losing battle over sleep. According to reports, his head kept bobbing, and his mouth went slack – classic signs of dozing off. Soon, the internet dubbed him “Sleepy Don,” and the nickname caught fire faster than a dry twig.

Social media platforms buzzed with jokes and speculations, with some suggesting his legal team might have slipped him a Mickey to keep him calm. Others quipped that maybe the judge was keeping him from nap time. Even the Lincoln Project got in on the action, joking about Trump’s late-night rants on Truth Social.

The nickname “Sleepy Don” is particularly notable because Trump has previously branded his 2024 rival, 81-year-old Joe Biden, as “Sleepy Joe.” Now, it seems, Trump has a similar label of his own.

But it was not all laughs. Some folks pointed out the irony of a president who famously labelled his opponent “Sleepy Joe” now struggling to keep his own eyes open during a trial of such gravity. And while Trump’s legal team maintains his innocence, his courtroom catnap certainly raised eyebrows, especially considering the high stakes.

Even seasoned reporters noted that this was not the first time Trump seemed to drift off during legal proceedings. Maggie Haberman, a journalist with The New York Times, recalled similar instances in past trials, where Trump appeared eerily still, almost as if he were catching some Z’s.

While it is not unheard of for folks to nod off during court sessions, the timing of Trump’s siesta couldn’t have been worse. With the whole world watching, every move – or lack thereof – becomes magnified. So, whether it was fatigue, boredom, or something else entirely, one thing’s for sure: Sleepy Don’s moment in the limelight wasn’t exactly flattering.

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