Donald Trump blames Joe Biden for escalation in Middle East

Donald Trump supports chants calling Joe Biden Genocide Joe. — AFP/File
Donald Trump supports chants calling Joe Biden “Genocide Joe”. — AFP/File

Amidst threats of World War III, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has blamed opponent Joe Biden for the escalating situation in the Middle East, Politico reported.

He said both his looming hush money trial and Iran’s counterattack on Israel was all due to Democrats incapability to run the office.

During a rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania on Saturday, he casted himself as in opposition to “menacing forces and vicious opponents.”

The former president placing himself in the centre of events at home and abroad, portrayed his re-election as a cure to everything going wrong nationally and internationally including escalation in Middle East, rising inflation and immigration problems.

He said: “Everything Biden touches turns to shit.”

As the crowds broke out into chants of “Genocide Joe,” Trump said, “They’re not wrong.”

Spokesman from Biden’s campaign has refused to make any comments.

Moreover, Trump also criticised various people involved in his hush money case, including former fixer Michael Cohen.

Furthermore, he called the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “a Soros-appointed prosecutor.”

Talking about the court’s decision to prohibit him from making any public statements about potential witnesses, he said: “They want to take away my constitutional right to talk.”

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