In Time Interview, Trump Vows to Deport Migrants and Won’t Rule Out 2024 Election Violence

Former President Donald J. Trump told Time magazine in an interview published Tuesday morning that if elected in November, he would deploy the U.S. military to detain and deport migrants, hedged on the possibility of political violence after the 2024 election and said he would permit states to decide whether to prosecute those who violate abortion bans.

Mr. Trump has rarely given lengthy interviews with mainstream news outlets, particularly since leaving the White House. His conversations with Time — a sit-down at the former president’s residence in Palm Beach, Fla., and a follow-up phone call — offer a revealing glimpse of how he would wield presidential power, challenge democratic norms and reshape the country if he wins back the White House in November.

At one point, Mr. Trump told Time that he would be willing to deploy the military as part of an extreme deportation operation he has said he plans to conduct if elected, and that he would be willing to bypass a law that prohibits using American troops against civilians.

“Well, these aren’t civilians,” Mr. Trump said. “These are people that aren’t legally in our country. This is an invasion of our country.”

Mr. Trump also brushed aside questions about political violence in November by suggesting his victory was inevitable. But when pressed about what might happen should he again lose the election, he did not dismiss the possibility outright.

“I think we’re going to win,” he said. “And if we don’t win, you know, it depends. It always depends on the fairness of an election.”

Mr. Trump and his allies have already laid the groundwork to advance their ideological agenda, and much of their preparations have been reported by The New York Times and other outlets.

Still the Time interview, which includes transcripts, offered a rare chance to hear Mr. Trump describe his policy views in his own words.

As he entered a Manhattan courthouse after the Time interview published, along with a fact check, Mr. Trump described Time’s cover story as “very nice” and “at least 60 percent correct, which is about all I can ask for.”

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