China Lands Spacecraft on Far Side of the Moon

China successfully landed a lunar lander on the far side of the moon on Sunday morning, the country’s space agency announced, taking the mission one step closer to bringing back the first sample from the part of the moon that earthlings never see. The Chang’e-6 unmanned probe touched down on the moon’s South Pole-Aitken basin … Read more

Why a Pacific Island Is Blaming China for a Hack

Palau, a clump of about 350 small islands in the Pacific Ocean, has become increasingly important to the United States as China tries to build clout in the Indo-Pacific. This year, Washington finalized a long-delayed plan to give Palau hundreds of millions of dollars in aid over two decades. Hours before diplomats gathered at the … Read more

Why South African Voters Turned Against the A.N.C.

A bell tolled on TV, signaling a shift in the results tallied so far. From their home in northern Johannesburg, the Mathivha family celebrated the latest update: with the majority of votes counted, the African National Congress had earned a mere 41 percent. “Good!” said Buhle Mathivha, pointing at the television screen. “Good,” her husband, … Read more

After Pipes Burst in Atlanta, Many Residents Lose Water, Then Patience

A series of water main breaks in Atlanta caused widespread disruption on Saturday, as outages and severely reduced water pressure forced some businesses to close and infuriated residents who criticized city officials for failing to provide timely updates. Reports of interrupted service began on Friday after corroded water pipes burst near downtown; it was unclear … Read more