Where Jurors in Trump Hush-Money Trial Say They Get Their News

The 18 New Yorkers selected to serve as jurors and alternates in the Manhattan criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump this week were each asked the same series of 42 questions, from which lawyers hoped to divine how prospective jurors might feel about the case.

One key part of the questionnaire asked about the prospective juror’s media diet, having them identify which media they consume from a list of more than a dozen news organizations and social media platforms. The questionnaire also let them mention media not on the list, or say that they don’t follow the news.

Lawyers for each side have a limited number of so-called peremptory challenges, which they can use to dismiss jurors without having to state a reason. With limited information about the jury pool, what a prospective juror reveals about what they read, watch and listen to can signal their political leanings.

Wesley Parnell contributed reporting.

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